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Super Crazy Animal Hand: Issue 2 needs a COLORIST to capture the craziness of a school girl with animal hands and her wheelchair-bound ninja sidekick. Written by J. Anthony Hernandez with art by Atom Todd. Capetown: We need a PENCILLER, INKER, and COLORIST for this book. This is a colorful cast of superheroes with setting like the French Quarter in New Orleans. Co-written by Rob Bass and Seth Humble. Black Flag: The first two issues of this swashbuckling adventure were pencilled by Johnathan Thibideux and written by Brad Ellison (writer of Blood and Thunder). I'll need a COLORIST and/or INKER for all 5 issues. Aaron Williamson will take over pencils for the last 3 issues. The Eagle's Exes (tentative title): Our hero has a LOT of ex-girlfriends. Super hero, supervillain, super model, and even a few regrettable one night stands are a few of the myriad of women in his black book. When our hero goes missing and his exes are murdered one by one, the remaining exes must team up to survive. We need an INKER and COLORIST for this incredibly diverse and colorful cast. It is still in the drafting stage but I'll need an art team by the time issue 3 is done.
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