The Bud #1 (MA)

The Line, Snort and Mr. Twist Have hatched a plan to Steal Santa's Sack and only The Bud Can Stop Them! In Part 1 and 2 of This Hilarious Christmas Special! Also The Good Guy takes on ChainGang!!

The Wacky Weed From Hashington THC is Fighting Crime, Having Fun, And Trying not to Get Himself Smoked, He is THE BUD!

By Gary Odd Edmund

Super Crazy Animal Hands #1 (MA)

Megumi is like any other Japanese school girl. Everyday, she goes to high school and deals with teachers, grades, bullies, and a changing body. Which would be fine, but the bullies have family ties to the Yakuza and her changing body has nothing to do with puberty!

By J. Anthony Hernandez and Brian Brinlee

Reichenbach #2

Moriarty has the Key of Solomon, which houses a power within that even the Inner Communion fears. With little information at their disposal, the Communion meets at their Inner Sanctum to discuss a plan of attack against the emboldened Napoleon of Crime.

By CS Humble, Chris Beaver, and Tommy Shelton

The Singularity #5

"The Refinery: Part 1" Virgil has been captured!!! The Haze have him in their grasp and there is no way for him to escape! How did it happen? Where is the crew? And what is inside of the refinery? Don't miss the epic beginning of a two-part arc!

By Ethan Harmon and Chris Gooding


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